Monday, May 4, 2009

Fire Convention

In Indy they have a fire convention downtown. Calvin took some classes there this year and on Friday they have a cookout. It was a really pretty day so we decided to go and meet Amy, Dennis, and Ty Black there. They also have a pumper pull, where the teams pull an old fire truck. The kids enjoyed that. We also got to see some of the guys that Calvin went through training with. It is always good to see friends that you don't see often! I always share the sweet pics but I couldn't resist this one. I didn't even know that she did this until I uploaded my pics. Ayden didn't even complain. That onery little girl.
Right after the first picture, Ayden jumped off the front step and Mya thought she would do the same. Needless to say, she landed on her head. OUCH! This was all going on while we were getting ready to go downtown. Never a dull moment.

Ayden watching the drummers at the cookout. He said " When I get big and I am a firefighter I am going to be a drummer!"

Mya enjoying the hot dogs!

Before the jump! Aren't her pigtails cute!

Watching the drummers!

They had a parade with the bagpipes too. It was really neat. Mya, Ty and Ayden loved it.

Mya and Ty

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