Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Wow, what a busy month....oh wait, that's just life. We always seem to think that things will slow down and they don't....unless you get a foot of snow and negative temps and can't leave your house. That is how I managed to find time to right a blog post. Yes, good ol Indiana weather! Oh well! We have managed to enjoy ourselves and spend some good quality time together!

We started off the month getting to spend time with our family.  It's always crazy but we wouldn't trade it for the world.
Between basketball for Ayden and Daisies for Mya we managed to squeeze some time in to play in the snow.  We even took Hadley out for the first time and she loved it. We had an extra friend Briyana to play with too!

Of course we have been busy with holiday stuff. The kids enjoyed helping me do a little baking, wrapping presents, and making crafts!

Christmas was a lot of fun this year! The kids were all so much fun.  I love the excitement of kids to give and receive!  I love their reactions to it all!


We had the pleasure of having my parents and grandma here with us for the holidays! I actually don't have any pictures on my camera with grandma and grandpa from the holidays. I feel like we took some....maybe on Grandmas camera?? They were wonderful to have around during this crazy time.  My parents do so much for us.  There is no way we could ever repay them for all they do.  They have taught us so much.  We only hope that someday we can pass on this legacy to our children and teach our kids the love of a parent like they have shown us in countless ways!
We ended the month off with a celebration for Hadley's first birthday! Can't believe it!  We had a wonderful time with her and many friends and family.


I enjoyed getting ready for her party! I love getting crafty but often times don't find the time. I even made her outfit!(With my Mom's help on the pants!) My SIL helped with the decorations and my Dad made cute little owl coloring sheets for the kids.  Once again, my wonderful family was a huge help.  I hope that you had a wonderful holiday and were able to spend time with family and friends as well!  Thanks for checking in! Happy 2014!