Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1st day pics!

Here are the pics from his first day of Kindergarten! Waiting for the bus

He looks so little next to that big bus:)

The bus was really late so we had lots of time to play!

He went to his buddy Paxton's for an after school party!

More playing while waiting for the bus:)

A not so good pic of me and my big boy!

Daddy and Ayden


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Kindergartener:)

I just put my baby on the bus for the first time. I have always dreaded this day a little but been excited for it as well. We were going to just take him to school but a few "seasoned" parents reccommended that we let him ride the bus in the beginning while their are extra helpers. He has to take a shuttle bus to where the Kindergarten is, which is what made us a little nervous. So being the nervous parents we are, Calvin followed the bus to make sure he got to the proper shuttle bus. His first bus was 30 minutes late so we weren't sure how this was going to work out. They reassured us that he would get there but it is hard to just let your 5 year old walk out into the world, without you by their side. Ayden was full of smiles this morning. He was dressed before I even knew it. We went over many things with him. I think he thought we were crazy....making him recite things and questioning him. He is so overjoyed for it all. I feel like we have raised a good kid to this point. I hope that the "world" doesn't influence him in the wrong way. I mean, I know you have to continue to train and correct but he has many new influences now and will only continue to have more and more. I guess this is when you just have to trust in what you have taught then and pray to God that he comes home safe! I will post some of Ayden's big smiles from this morning after Calvin gets back with the camera!!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Destin, FL

We just got back from vacation to Destin, FL. We enjoyed our relaxing schedule and frequent visits to the pool and beach! Here is a peek at what we did! This was our view from our room and our pools
Grandma and Crew

Mya in action, she loved this floaty. I actually bought it for Crew but needless to say it came in much handier for her!

Mya and her friend! You can kinda see in this pic, a bruise on Mya's left side of her chin. She took a tumble that landed her in the ER one afternoon.....always keeps life exciting!

Crew ready to go boogie boarding!

So happy. He loved the beach!

I took lots of pics of this kid! He is still slow enough that I can catch him!

He was really studying the sand:)

Snuggle time with Daddy!

The boys! Crew absolutely loves Ayden.

One evening we went to this really neat restaurant called the Back Porch. It was really laid back and casual! Perfect for 3 kiddos!

The fam!

Mya and her Pawpaw

Grandma and Ayden

My lovely parents!

My big boy

My princess

My little buddy!

Pretty toes in the sand!

This was one of Ayden's favorite things to do. He has a big smile in this pic!

This was our first evening there. Right after he fell and busted his eye and ended up with his first shiner:(

Running from the waves

A big smile and crazy hair, typical Mya!

We had such a fun vacation. Calvin and I were able to enjoy some time just the two of us and we really enjoyed hanging out with each of the kids and having some good quality family time. My parents were so helpful and fun to have around. We are so thankful that God has blessed us with the time to get away as a family!