Friday, May 21, 2010

My cute hubby!

I have to take a few moments too brag on my cute husand. He thought it would be fun to go in to Ayden's class and do a little fire education. He arranged it all. He called Brownsburg Fire Department and asked if they could bring the truck to the school so that is what they did first. Then when they came back to their class they watched a kids video about fire safety rules. Then he put all his gear on and showed him how he wasn't scary:) He did such a great job. He was totally in his comfort zone. He is such a kid lover. This is one of the traits I just love about Calvin. He could find a way to entertain an army of may not always be mommy approved but he will keep them entertained! The kids all got to take home a Pike coloring book and fire hat. It was a fun morning and as you can guess, little Ayden was so proud! "See I'm not scary"
Cute little kids...Mya thought she was so big:)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Precious Moments

This is the picture that I came home to after I had been away on a little overnight girls' trip. Calvin had given the kids a bath and turned on the weather for them to watch while he took a quick shower (assuming that they might fall asleep). When he got out of the shower this is what he found. They are just so precious. I was so proud of him for taking a picture so that I could see it as well. You have to cherish these moments. They go by sooooo fast. I thank God for my wonderful husband and children!