Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

We had a great Christmas this year. It is becoming more and more fun because Ayden is getting into the Santa thing. He was so excited when he realized Santa had eaten the cookies and milk but then he wanted to know why he ate all the cookies and why he wasn't still there. It was fun watching him get excited about all the presents. Mya had fun as welll. She pretty much went from one thing to the next. She especially liked the bows.

After unwrapping presents we packed up and flew to Texas. We arrived safely- all 10 of us. Today 3 more cousins will be arriving. We are looking forward to all the funfilled chaos that is sure to unfold in the next few days. We are certainly enjoying the 80 degree weather. I will be sure and post pictures when I get back!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Surprise for Grandma

We made a trip home to IIlinois for my Mom's surgery. She was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. We went home to be with her during this time. On the day of her surgery the kids came down wearing their "pink" for Grandma. She was surprised and liked their shirts alot!
Relaxing with Grandma before surgery.

Grandma holding Mya before surgery.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

An Ilinois Thanksgiving

We headed home to Illinois for Thanksgiving. We got to see lots of people. Here are a few highlights..... Spiderman and Batman playing hard
Some friends...Henry and Sydney

A trip to see Santa Claus. Mya was so excited.

Ayden telling Santa just what he wanted...a talking fire truck helmet hat.

Kissing Cousins -Zayne and Mya

The Graber cousins at Amie's wedding

The Graber Grandparents + grandkids


Another Cousin, Olivia

Bed time!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Go Eagles!

I was driving home from visiting my friend Bri and her new baby Tessa today when it dawned on me that I had a few pictures on my camera from a Zionsville/Plainfield football game. We went to watch Travis Stauffer from church. The nice man in front of us let Ayden sit in his chair at half time. Ayden thought it was so cool. He had a really good time and Mya was mesmerized by everything that was going on around her. Ayden was yelling GO EAGLES and COME ON GUYS! It was so cute. After the game he got to have his first Starbucks drink.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

9 Months Old

Mya turned 9 months. It is so hard to believe. I know it flies by, but I really feel like I was just having her. I decided it was time for a new picture, plus I am trying to do the same milestone pictures as Ayden. We just did a casual picture and this is what we got!! She was a trooper! I was a good girl and just stuck with one pose but it sure was hard to decide. It definitely got me excited about her 1 year pictures!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat

We stopped in Knoxville, TN and spent the night with some family. We went trick or treating there. The kids really enjoyed it! Spiderman ready for treats!
The young bunch

Spiderman and our very own little mermaid!

Em, Ayden, Mya

Our sweet mermaid!


This past week we went to Gatlinburg. We met my brother and his family there. We did many exciting things while we were there. We went to the aquarium, the kids rode rides, went swimming, rode an alpine slide, saw bears, Calvin and Ayden went hiking and to Cade's Cove, and we of course ate lots of good food! The Aquarium
Emerson, Ayden, Mya


Halloween(we realized we didn't really have any pics with the beautiful scenery)

The fam at the Old Mill

If you click on my link at the side for Picasa Albums there are many more pictures of our trip!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Picture Meme

I was tagged by my friend Amy to do a picture meme. I like her had never heard of it.

The instructions are to go to your pictures and pick the 4th file and then the 4th picture. Post it and tell the story about the picture. Then you pick 4 people to do the same.
This was Ayden's first taste of real food. It was Avacado. I read that it was really easy for babies to digest so I thought I would give it a try. His face doesn't look to awful, does it? I sure wish he would eat something that healthy now!!!!

Now to keep it going..... I pick Carrie Kunkel, Rhandi, Margo, and Kim A.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Camping in Brown County

We went camping this weekend in Brown County on the Carpenter's property. The Davis' minus Kendrick are in town for 2 weeks so we thought this would be a great time to spend some time with them and enjoy this beautiful weather. We had so much fun. Ayden got to many new things and Mya just enjoyed being with other kids and being outside! It was hard to pick my favorute pictures so there are quite a few. Hope you enjoy! Ayden learning how to fish
Mommy and Mya snuggling up!
Watching a movie to unwind for bedtime!
Ayden taking his girlfriend Ava for a ride!
Calvin taking the kids on the big 4 wheeler
Amanda and Me!

The Fam!
John, Ayden, and Aidan being boys!
The big catch!
Checking out the water
Anabelle and Mya waiting for more food!

Zoo Boo

We went to the Indianapolis Zoo with some friends this past week for the Zoo Boo. Everything is decorated in Halloween decorations, the kids get to trick or treat, and there are extra halloween activities. We had a great time.
Spiderman, A Bee, and Mommy
Watching the Zebras
Pumkin Bowling
Mya having a good time in the leaves

Monday, October 6, 2008

1st Dentist Appointment

A few weeks ago, Ayden went to his 1st dentist appointment. Mya was sick so Calvin took Ayden. He was a trooper. A friend from the dentist office took some pictures for me, so I couldn't resist sharing. Ayden was so excited when he got home. He got a new Elmo tooth brush. We even got to call Elmo. (1-866-ELMO-TIPS)

This is his tattoo and his great patient sticker, which he was very proud of. After I put the tattoo on he said "Now I can play football." Kids say the funniest things.

They were also filming a video while they were there. If you would like to see Ayden in his first video debut go to Then type dentists and area code 46214. Click dentist again and you will see West 10th dental group. Click watch video and you will see our little star!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


This past weekend we made a long overdue trip to Kentucky to visit Chad, Shelley, and Emerson and Grandma and Grandpa Bryant. We had a nice relaxing trip. I didn't take too many pictures on my camera but hope to get some of the others soon. The kids had alot of fun. They played and played and played. Mya got introduced to some new foods, thanks to some of her family members, and needless to say she liked them much better than baby food.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Grandma and Papa came to visit!

Calvin had to work a double shift so I asked Grandma and Grandpa if they would want to come and keep us company. I am so glad they came because Mya ended up being sick. Ayden got to play outside with Grandpa alot and help him finish his playset. Grandma was also very helpful with the kids and house stuff, as usual! Mya had a virus with a high fever, a ear infection, and then had an allergic reaction to the 1st antibiotic. She is doing much better now. Thank goodness. Some of Mya's allergic reaction
Grandma and Mya
Grandpa and Ayden
Grandpa made a table with the leftover wood!
Daddy made Ayden a ramp!