Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A little bit of everything

We had a good summer staying around Indiana.  It was pretty low key due to the fact that Calvin is still recovering from tearing his ACL. We managed to still keep busy! How can you not with 4 kids, right?!

I can't believe that I now have another child in school.  It feels like these two should still be about half this size, hanging out at home with me;) Somehow, they really are old enough to head off to school.  It was difficult but their excitement helps ease the difficulty.  Mya is loving Kindergarten.  She did at one point say that she wished she could go to school for preschool hours only.  She is very well adjusted now! I love the relationship that these two have with each other.  They of course fight, but are so excited to see each other during school hours and swap stories of their days!