Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Disney Memories!

I keep meaning to post some of our pictures from Disney but that will have to be postponed a little longer. I have loved each time I have been to Disney for different reasons. Obviously, this time, I loved being there with my children. There is so much excitement and memories that you make on a trip like this. I would have never thought that I would have enjoyed taking my kids at such a young age but I did. I know they wont remember alot of it but I sure will. They are so impressed by every little thing from the lights to the shoes the princesses are wearing:) Here are some of my favorite memories..... This is my big boy Ayden, so proud of his mohawk. He absolutely loved his cool hair. It's the little things in life that make a 4 year old smile so big.

Another favorite memory of Ayden was when we rode test track at Epcot. He loved it so much. He was screaming. I loved sitting by him. I was laughing so hard! I think we rode it 4 times. It was his favorite! It is just hard to believe how big he is getting. I cant believe he will soon be 5.

Crew...first off is such a trooper. He just took it all in. He didn't want to miss anything and of course they all loved him too. While we were waiting for a parade to start, we got some ice cream. Well Crew, of course, had to have his 1st bite of Mickey Ice Cream. He loved it and tried to get more:)

This trip we went to the opening ceremonies at Magic Kingdom. This was our first time to see it! I loved it, as did the rest of the fam. I was video taping it all and I went to get Mya on camera and she was sitting in the front of the stroller, just screaming and clapping. She was sooo excited. This just brought tears to my eyes. It was so cute. Mya also really enjoyed getting the character autographs. We got some great pics with the characters too!

We were waiting for the show to start and the gates to open!
Thanks for checking in!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Holiday Crafts:)

I have been wanting to make Mya a tutu for a while now. Well I finally made it to JoAnn's and got what I needed. Then Ayden kept asking me what I was going to make him. I decided to make him a tie shirt. Of course Crew had to have one also. A friend of mine is on bedrest and she wanted to make her girls' tutus. We thought they needed shirts to go with the tutu's. After one day of work, this is what we got. I was so excited about it:) Our trip to see Santa (Mya of course didn't want to get by Santa so my parents jumped in the picture)
The boys and Santa waiting on Mya!

Mya's shirt and tutu

My babies!!!