Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mya's Spring Dance Recital

Mya had just recently had her spring recital.  She was really nervous about it.  The first time I went to watch her in class, she started to cry....not what I would expect from her.  She loves dance but needless to say her nerves were evident.  The moves that she did were really subtle and she didn't even do all of them.  I don't think she even cracked a smile.  Poor thing. She never said she didn't want to do the recital. 
 She did enjoy doing the finale.  She still walks around doing it. 

 This is her teacher, Miss Kimberly.  She loves her!
 Her friends and grandparents came to watch!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring Break 2012

 This year for Spring Break we went to visit our good friends, The Davis'. They live in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.  We did many fun things while we were there.  One of our very fun days, we left Crew behind and headed to NYC with the two older kids.  We did alot in one day.  Here are some of the highlights.  The first picture was in Times Square.
 Outside of the 4 story Toys r Us with a huge Ferris Wheel inside.  The kids were amazed!
 There were all kinds of charachters around to take pictures with for a small fee:)
Candyland in Toys r Us! 
 A lego Statue of Liberty!
 The real statue of Liberty. 
 Riding the Ferry to Staten Island
The only pic of us!

 Right outside the 911 Memorial.  Ayden wasn't sure if it was a statue or a person.  Right after, he started talking to Ayden!
 On the way to the 911 memorial....amazing!
The boys at the memorial!
 The kids loved riding the subway!
New York City ended up being the kids favorite thing we did.  The loved everything about it!  So glad we decided to take them!