Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Our good friends Amanda, Ava, and Anabelle Davis are in town so we decided to venture downtown to the zoo! The Willis' also went with us. We had a good day with great weather! Raven and Ava

Raven and Ayden taking a break!

Amanda and Anabelle

Boyfriend and Girlfriend!

Ayden and Mya loving the animals. Everything is a dog dog to Mya!

The Big kids!

Tori, Raven, Ava, Anabelle, Ayden, and Mya

Me and my kiddos

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Amy said...

Looked like fun! I can't wait to take Ty to the zoo this year. He LOVES animals. It's funny you said Mya calls everything a dog. Sounds like something Ty will do too. Love the picture of you & the kids at the end :)