Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's official!

Well, just in case you didn't notice it in the last post, we are expecting our 3rd baby on May 26, 2010. Here are our 1st pics to show off!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

St. Augustine, FL

Calvin and I just got back from a little getaway. We hadn't been away from the kids since before Mya was born. We went to St. Augustine, FL. We didn't know much about it other than there was a beach there, it was the oldest city, and we got cheap tickets....which was a good start for us. We had a really good time. My parents came and stayed with the kids so we didn't have to worry about them but I did call home every day. These are a few of our highlights. We would have a few more but our camera wasn't cooperating at the beginning of the trip. As you will see, we perfected the self portrait since we were alone. HA! The Old Light House (taken from a boat ride around the city)
A dolphin, this was as good as I could get.

Some of the pretty old buildings

There 83 million dollar bridge project (that is enought to make you sick)

The old jail, built in the 1800's (pretty from the outside but still a jail inside)

Calvin always makes a matter where he goes

Vilano Beach

Vilano Beach after playing in the waves.

My next house :)

Heading out for dinner
Dinner at Capp's on the Water....our best dinner....yum!

St. Augustine Beach

Just in case you hadn't heard, we didn't go completely alone!!