Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baby #4

We decided to have a little fun with the kids and tell them in a fun way since this is the last baby we are planning to have.  We decided to send them on a scavenger hunt. The kids loved doing it and I know my Mom was especially anxious to find out what we were having!!
 All the clues
 Finding the clues

 At the final clue there were three presents for the kids to open.....all pink....IT'S A GIRL!!!!

This was the best we got amongst all the excitement!
We are very excited to have another girl!  

Thursday, August 2, 2012

1st Grade

Well it absolutely doesn't seem possible that our summer is coming to an end but it is.  I put my 6 year old on the bus this morning to head off to the first grade....all day. It has been a little more difficult than I expected this year because he is gone all day and last year he was just gone for a few hours.  He is also at a different elementary this year so that has made him a little more nervous, which of course makes Mommy worry for him:) We were able to make a visit the other day and ran into some kids that he knew which helped and he got to meet his teacher which also helped.  I am sure he will be fine but I cant wait for him to get home so I can hear all about it.  Hear are some pics I snapped this morning of my fun, loving boy!

I couldnt help but add these in.  She woke up just in time to walk out to the bus with us.  Can you believe that hair.  I did comb it while we were waiting:) I didn't want to embarass Ayden too much!