Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So Far

Well this is what we have been up to so far in September and the end of August. I guess September is almost over. I just had several hodge podge pictures to share, so here goes. Hope you all are doing well! Mya started a dance class. We thought it would be a good outlet for her energy and something girly for her to do. So far she likes it except for the tights:)
We stopped to visit my Grandma not too long ago! 4 generations!

Granny painted the kids faces while Calvin and I were out of town. The kids loved it. A good idea for a birthday party I do believe!

Mya's first day of PDO. She goes one day a week and is enjoying it.

My little artist, hard at work and apparently a little hungry too!

We are working on the deck and Calvin put the swing really low.....the kids were enjoying it and I of course couldn't resist a picture!

Mya finally has shown an interest in a bike so we got one that her and her friends could ride in!

This is what happens when I am at work. Kind of funny but I was not too happy about the clothes they were wearing. ( I know mean old Mom)

We took an impromtu hay ride around the neighborhood the other night. It was so much fun. We picked up 5 other people along the way. The kids loved it.

Mya got her hair cut for the first time. It looks alot better. Not so stringy!

Some of our friends gave Cal and I some tickets to the Colts game. We had a great time, except they lost.

We took our annual camping trip with some great friends! It was a blast!

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brooke said...

Your so pretty. Love the little marker eater.