Thursday, September 1, 2011


So this was our attempt to get a family picture on the beach but as you can guess things never go as we plan. For starters, we were late getting back from dinner ( hence the dark pictures where you can barely tell we were on the beach). Crew has a black eye, Mya has a bruise on her chin and a fat lip, the kids were tired, Mya made Crew cry and then she got in trouble and was crying, and Calvin doesn't like to take pictures so he isn't very tolerant, and Ayden was perfect:) Sounds like fun, right. Well this is what we got. I have learned to lower my expectations and sometimes it is fun because you can see the kids personality in the pictures. Enjoy! This one is my favorite....typical Mya, of course I wish her mouth wasn't hanging open but its usually open anyway, right. Crew would normally be smiling but he was the most tired!
I love this age. They get excited about the littlest things!

The boys are probably wondering what their crazy sister is doing now!

Me and my man!

Tried to take a pic with Grandma and Grandpa too.

Sweet little Ayden:)

This makes me laugh, because Ayden just sits there and does what you ask and the other two are on the run:)

Not too bad.

I love these kids!


brooke said...

Very cute. I love when pictures don't "turn out perfect". Those are usually the best ones latter. They really capture the moment.

Erin said...

love love love these! i love all of your bronzed beauties :)