Monday, April 19, 2010

I am losing it!

Well, I think I am officially losing it. I guess I have alot I can blame it on, right?! My wonderful NICU friends had a shower for my friend Amy and I. I meant to blog about it and realized I never did. So here are some of the highlights. My friends are so crafty. Emily made these cute burp cloths.
Bri made this cute diaper bag!

Shelly made this diaper cake.
Erin got me a cute crocheted hat but I couldn't get a good pic of it. I guess I will have to wait until I have a cute model to take a pic of in it. Julia and Becky got us some cute clothes for our little man.

Shelly and Mya

Mya was playing with Callie's easter basket and she thought she would share some grass with Gabe. It landed in the perfect spot. Gabe was such a good model. He didn't even care.

Erin and Layton

Julia, Callie, and Shelley

Amy, Me, Mya, Erin, Becky, Tessa, Julia, Callie, Bri, Shelly, Layton, Emily, Katie, Adelyn

Mya holding Gabe

Erin, Emily and the beautiful cake


The yummy cake Emily made!

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Amy said...

Ha! I never posted it on mine either. I didn't take pictures that day though. Wish I could just copy/paste your post somehow ;)