Thursday, April 8, 2010

Disney World 2010

We made our first trip to Disney World this past week. The kids had such a great time which made it so much fun for us! It is definitely a trip we will never forget. We took tons of are some highlights!

Ayden and Handy Manny
Mya sleeping with her souvenirs:)

Easter Sunday.....I love those kdis!

We made a day trip to Cocoa Beach. They had a great time there as well!

Buzz Light year with the fam!

Hugs for Buzz

Our first evening, we went to Magic Kingdom. When we walked in throught the maingate, they were literally pushing us back to the sidewalk b/c a parade/street party was coming through. It was so neat to see the kids expressions.

Snow White and my happy kids!

Mya and Cinderella...she liked the statues best. She wasn't fond of the characters if they got to close. From a distance she liked them:)

The kids with Grandma and Pawpaw

Goofy and the gang

Me and my little man!

Our little tiger:) He was so proud!

All of us at Epcot

Our first night at magic Kingdom

Us with Donald at the character breakfast
Grandma and Pawpaw and the kids

Go Power Rangers!

The light parade


Ayden found nemo

Mya helping Daddy plan the route for the day!

My favorite power rangers:)


brookie said...

SO WONDERFUL! Love the sleeping with her new stuff pic.

The Dew Family said...

Aww...looks like you had a wonderful time! I would love to take Mason one day!