Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sledding for all

Calvin had been telling Ayden that when it snowed, he would take him sledding. Well we definitely got the snow so Ayden got to go sledding. Mya and I went along to take some pictures but I figured that as soon as she saw them, she would have to play as well. She was actually sick but she endured for a few rides, which she absolutely loved. Ayden was not so sure about it. Calvin rode with him on the big hill first and then he didn't want to go by himself unless you were pulling him. He went on some small hills after that by himself and had fun just playing in the snow. Hope you got to enjoy the snow too!! Our family self portrait
Me and the kids

Calvin and Mya

Ayden holding on tight
Calvin and Mya

Mya meeting the snow

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