Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Last week Mya and Crew were both sick. I had a friend text me and tell me that she was bringing us dinner. What a nice surprise. I didn't have to cook and could spend my extra time with my kiddos. It made me want to do the same thing for someone else. We were able to take food to 4 families last week and have a family over for dinner. I wanted to do it. I wanted someone else to feel the same relief that I did when I didn't have to cook dinner and to know a friend cared enough to take the time to do something nice for us. It is so much fun to see the appreciation that people have when you do something nice for them. In the bible we are told that "It is more blessed to give than to receive." This is so true. Ayden is in preschool and they have a good deed bear in their class that goes home with the kids where they learn to do caring things for people. It is amazing what we can even teach our children at such a young age. They live by our example. I challenge you to do something for someone this week. See how it makes you feel! I am not trying to boast on what I accomplished, I just simply wanted to share the impact that it had on me. Trust me, I go in spurts and get bogged down with lifes business but I do definitely benefit more when I am doing things for others.


brookie said...

And the people who eat it love it to. Thanks so much.

Johnson Family said...

What a wonderful idea. You are the best Carrisa, I just love you and your family. Thanks for inspiring me to do better. Have a great week and I hope the kids are feeling better.