Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Coolest Birthday Party

The other weekend we attended Lily's 7th Birthday Party. It was so cute. I met her Mom at work and I have learned that she is a planner. She is awesome at planning parties. I don't know how she does it! I am so glad we got to experience the art party for ourseleves. What a great idea! There were several different stations where the kids got to make things . They had baskets to put their goodies in after they were completed!
Raven and Ayden enjoying some apples:)

Riley and Jamie

The Creative planner, Brooke and her best buddy, Shelly

Layton and Shelly painting

The birthday party gang

So proud of his cupcake creation

Enjoying her cupcake and a little blue sprinkle spill (sorry Brooke)

The Birthday girl, Lily

Awesome flowers

Max is busted:)


The NICU girls

The most colorful table I have ever seen! I love it!


brookie said...

I LOVE YOUR FACE!!! Will you email me the picture of lily in the tree? I LOVE IT!

Johnson Family said...

I LOVE your pictures! I am so glad you were there :) I love you and your family and I am so glad for you in our lives.