Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Well we have had everything but normalcy around our house since our little man has arrived. The week after Crew was born, Ayden and Mya went to stay with their Grandma and Pawpaw for 4 nights. It was so quiet around here. We were able to catch up on sleep and go to our doctor appointments and a few other things we needed to do.
The next week Calvin met with a surgeon and found out that he would be having inguinal hernia surgery the following week and he would be off work for 4-6 weeks. The day after his surgery Ayden and Mya got sick with high fevers and were also throwing up.
By Saturday Crew had a fever and when I called my pediatrician they wanted me to take him to the ER and told me that he would probably be admitted to the Peds unit. This is just what happened. I kind of knew what was coming because I am a NICU nurse and we would do the same type of workup if our babies get sick but it sure doesn't make it easy. He was so pitiful and very uncomfortable. I was glad that I was at the hospital because it felt like a weight was lifted from me because he was on a monitor, they were able to check his bloodwork and give him IV fluids and antibiotics. He actually got worse on Sunday and wasn't hardly eating so thank goodness we were already there. By Sunday night/Monday morning his fever finally broke and he starte eating better on Monday as well. We were able to go home late Monday afternoon! There were a few things that I certainly learned that will make me more sympathetic to our NICU moms. One is that I can't imagine leaving your baby at the hospital. I didn't hardly want to leave his room, let alone leave the hospital. Thanks for all your prayers, visits, call, food, etc. Finally getting some good rest
I was able to catch his eyes open...this didn't happen much:(

In the ER, after they got done with all the tests.


brookie said...

So scary. Was think about u lots. Poor little guy.

Amy said...

So glad you guys are all better now. Pfew!...what a crazy month for you guys.

Margo said...

I am so sorry about this..... I TOTALLY know how you felt. YOU WERE MY ROCK when it was Kennedy in the hospital. I pray that everyone is 100% now and you are all rested!! Hugs from California!