Tuesday, January 12, 2010


We have an eventful holiday season. There are lots of pics included in this entry but I thought I better try and catch up on my blogging! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays as well! Keep Warm! Ayden and Emmy

Mya trying out the infant seat. I guess we will know where to find her when #3 comes:)

My parents with the kids (minus Maddie)

Emmy decorating the cupcakes we got her for her b-day!

Happy 3rd birthday!

The girls helping Pawpaw!

We all got Grandma and Grandpa a gift card towards a new computer!

Mya checking out her new present!

Maddie and Ayden playing peekaboo together. They are so cute together. He really likes to play with her and she is crazy about him too! So cute!

Happy girl!

Mya decided to put some mascara on while we packing up the car to leave. She was so proud of herself. At least she got it in the right area:)

Christmas Morning

So excited.

Mya being "all girl." Notice her new shoes!

Sharing our baby news! It's a boy!

This is how we found out. We got to open the present as a family!

We made a trip to the Children's Museum to enjoy their holiday activities!

Mya brushing and feeding the reindeer.

A fun ride!

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Heather said...

So unless I have missed it somewhere, which is quite possible, I have not seen the gender of your babe posted anywhere? Are you being a stinker and not finding out again? Miss you and Amy. I am just working and eating and sleeping. I would love to hear from you and how your pregnancy is going.