Monday, September 15, 2008

A New Toy

Ayden got a new hand me down 4 wheeler. It has been great already. The only thing that we had to do was buy a new charger. It had a little bit of battery left when we brought it home. He got to take it for one ride and since then we have been waiting for the new charger to come in the mail. Ayden was so excited when it came. I think he was a little disappointed when we had to wait again for it to charge! Thanks Kristie and Matt for passing it along!! He has already learned how to push it out of the tricky spots!
He looks so serious here!
Notice the tongue!
This was his first ride!


Amy said...

That's awesome! He's such a big boy now.

Heather said...

That's great and all, but where's his helmet mom?