Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Fun Summer!

We have had a very eventful summer so far. We took a vacation in May to Wisconsin Dells. Uncle Chad, Aunt Shelley, Emerson, Grandma, and Grandpa came for Memorial Weekend. Grandpa also came to visit while Grandma was in Europe and helped us get some projects done.(a swingset for the kids and a swing for us!!!) Thanks Dad! We also went to Illionis for 1 week to help take care of Grandma after her surgery. We just got back from Branson, MO where we met Granny and Papa for another vacation. A summer for us is never complete for us without a few weddings!
It is so much fun now that Ayden is really beginning to know what is going on. He loved Branson. He enjoyed swimming, the Dixie Stampede, riding on the pontoon boat, and much more. He even learned how to do a show for us. Mya is also constantly changing. She is such a happy baby! She loves watching whatever is going on which often includes her brother. The kids are so much fun. I can't imagine how different life would be without them.

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Amy said...

Yea!! I'm so glad you're blogging :)