Friday, December 30, 2011

Dancing Queen

My pretty little Mya all ready to dance! She had her first recital a few weeks ago. She was really excited. Grandma and Papa, Aunt Marcia, and her friend Phoebe came to watch her. She had to wear a Christmas shirt and black pants. I brought home a shirt that I bought for her to maybe wear and she said but Mom I wanted a sparkly sparkly is what she got. I bought the read sparkly shirt and then made the snowman to go on it and added some spakles to her leggings. She was very happy with the finished product:)

Her dance was to Jingle Bells and I found these shirts for the boys to wear that said Jingle Bell Rockers in my clearance shopping stuff from last year:) I love when my clearance buys work out well like that!

Aunt Marcia and Mya

Phoebe and Mya. ( These girls are two peas in a pod)

My pictures from the recital didn't turn out too well. I was messing around with my camera settings and sitting back pretty far:(

Waiting their turn.....